Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Self Time

I thought writing this blog was going to be about accountability and responsibility. That would surely give me the power boost I need to complete the writing. So I thought.

What I am discovering is so much more. This mini vacation I seem to be taking is giving me valuable strength and insight beyond what I could ever imagine. The ear issue of the prior day presented me with the opportunity for some serious self care. Prescriptions for Nutritional Healing, a great book if you don't own it provided suggestions and guidelines to take care of my self responsibly and healthfully. I am happy to report that I am feeling much better now.

Yesterday I made phone call number  16 to address the late charges on our mortgage account. It's a long real story. In brief we tried to refinance last year with our current lender and things started to become strange... as we were passed from person to person to handle our process... with mistakes of human error happening along the way. In the five months process it went from bad to worse... and then worse still.
When we expected to close our contact person disappeared. She was fired and no one was handling her work. This led to the request from the lender to continue for several months....  and then the cancellation,
threatening letters, negative effects to credit agencies.... and more....The late charges are related to this experience.Thankfully most of the issues and negative effects have been cleared up.

 I have a new perspective on it all. There was a grand pattern.  This lender seemed to fit in with the pattern.This self time has given me a window to see the larger pattern of many issues that have come up in my life. It has also given me the tools to create another option. I am moving on. Let the magic begin!

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