Thursday, August 26, 2010

Touching Down

I  must have landed on the moon.  Touching down on an endless alien landscape. Me, creative types who don't do tech. My better half is the family tech. He can zip through windows, download and  upload in a blink of an eye. His skills are fluid cartwheels compared to my awkward forward rolls. But, here I am.
Nonetheless. On the moon.

Still breathing. The air way out here is even. Supportive I hear too. It seems like a good place to take a leap and plant a flag.

Here's mine. Day 100 counting down to a completed book. 1:23 am.  I've been working in a cave for nearly the past 2 years. It's actually a closet. No windows and a door. When a friend first suggested it to me I balked at the idea of writing in a closet.  I fought it for at least a year. Then, with sobering humility I realized that there was no other place for me to write in our home where I could close a door to one world and open a door in another one. No windows affords means no distractions.  My daily work involves finding the balance of home, family, volunteering, and my own needs. In my cave I have found a veritable nourishing womb. But, at some point it's time to be born. So here I am born, on the moon.
A place where so many other astronauts have left footprints.
It's a strange environment to me, but I think I like it.

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