Sunday, August 29, 2010

Shifting - Day 3

A strange ear ache seems to be my companion lately.  It travelled from child to child and now to me.
It tells me to lighten my load and bring the focus back to myself. I am heeding the request . My favorite resource "Prescriptions for Nutritional Healing" has many tips that I am implementing, before I have  to take another step. Hopefully I can clear it up.

I can't say why I am up at this hour and why I have not been sleeping very well. Everyday an unseen rhythm is changing and growing stronger. It's a planetary thing. Which makes me believe that the whole Moon thing from Day 1 was right on target. I think it's effecting me, maybe you too.

The writing on my book has slowed down. But I am Ok with it. I can see that just around the bend when back to school begins again it will be far easier to devote  regular time to write. I am sensing how important shifting is. This notion that we need to be able to move and align with the energies as they come up. In fact I can now understand what an important skill shifting is. The response in the past may have been one of conflict, panic or battle. Shifting works much better. Smoother. Easier.

Shifting calmly continues the conversation when life is talking to you.
I think I'll go now and listen to what my body and ears would like to say. Maybe yours has a message for you too.

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