Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 6 - 5771- Happy New Year!

I found myself in temple today. My children dressed in respectful dark colored skirts and me in my classic ivory top and linen trousers. It's Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, 5771. One of the High Holidays. As the cantor chanted  in melodic form my eyes gazed downward at the prayer book. There were the words that have been stated to us for over five thousand years... " Wake Up". Yes, it is actually written down.
And if we never noticed these words, then the blowing of the rams horn which happens on this holiday every year, should have pierced our slumber . They didn't have alarm clocks way back then.
The call was sent out by the blowing of the ram's horn ( Shofar), like a siren.

I believe the call is requesting us to evolve. With so many people discovering spirituality, which is evident by  a globally growing consciousness, we are responding to this call. This brings hope into this  New Year.
Welcome 5771!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Welcome September

I welcome the fresh breeze of September.
The second half of August has felt like a circus act. Juggling, flying, and some graceful moves to manage home and family in this in between time of days to fill and with no summer programs.
My writing desk is cluttered with papers and forms for public school activities and requested info.
After school activity sheets are waiting in line for my attention. So my book writing at full speed is on hold.
That is until September 8th, the first day of school. Until then, I get the opportunity to enjoy the retreat.
Does this mean that I am not dedicated? Will it delay my book? No. Plans are formulating within me to better organize the chapters I am working on. In not working I am more productive than if I squeezed and stressed a half hour or so on these chapters. All this accomplished by a small does of respect. Go figure!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Self Time

I thought writing this blog was going to be about accountability and responsibility. That would surely give me the power boost I need to complete the writing. So I thought.

What I am discovering is so much more. This mini vacation I seem to be taking is giving me valuable strength and insight beyond what I could ever imagine. The ear issue of the prior day presented me with the opportunity for some serious self care. Prescriptions for Nutritional Healing, a great book if you don't own it provided suggestions and guidelines to take care of my self responsibly and healthfully. I am happy to report that I am feeling much better now.

Yesterday I made phone call number  16 to address the late charges on our mortgage account. It's a long real story. In brief we tried to refinance last year with our current lender and things started to become strange... as we were passed from person to person to handle our process... with mistakes of human error happening along the way. In the five months process it went from bad to worse... and then worse still.
When we expected to close our contact person disappeared. She was fired and no one was handling her work. This led to the request from the lender to continue for several months....  and then the cancellation,
threatening letters, negative effects to credit agencies.... and more....The late charges are related to this experience.Thankfully most of the issues and negative effects have been cleared up.

 I have a new perspective on it all. There was a grand pattern.  This lender seemed to fit in with the pattern.This self time has given me a window to see the larger pattern of many issues that have come up in my life. It has also given me the tools to create another option. I am moving on. Let the magic begin!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Shifting - Day 3

A strange ear ache seems to be my companion lately.  It travelled from child to child and now to me.
It tells me to lighten my load and bring the focus back to myself. I am heeding the request . My favorite resource "Prescriptions for Nutritional Healing" has many tips that I am implementing, before I have  to take another step. Hopefully I can clear it up.

I can't say why I am up at this hour and why I have not been sleeping very well. Everyday an unseen rhythm is changing and growing stronger. It's a planetary thing. Which makes me believe that the whole Moon thing from Day 1 was right on target. I think it's effecting me, maybe you too.

The writing on my book has slowed down. But I am Ok with it. I can see that just around the bend when back to school begins again it will be far easier to devote  regular time to write. I am sensing how important shifting is. This notion that we need to be able to move and align with the energies as they come up. In fact I can now understand what an important skill shifting is. The response in the past may have been one of conflict, panic or battle. Shifting works much better. Smoother. Easier.

Shifting calmly continues the conversation when life is talking to you.
I think I'll go now and listen to what my body and ears would like to say. Maybe yours has a message for you too.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 2 - Getting Clear

Last night as I laid in bed accompanied by all kinds of thoughts of judgement racing through my mind about my first post. Good metaphors, but a bit too much with the moon comments dear. It's not quite up to the level of the book wording, but a good first start.  Hmmmm I thought. Hmmm.

This morning there was a different dialogue. Relax and have fun with it. It's all a process. The word process sure struck a chord with me. It brought me an image of a teenage boy whose voice is changing rom one tone to another. It can be an awkward and uncomfortable time in the life of a teen. That's what is happening to me. Not that I am turning into a teenage boy in puberty, but rather that I too am going through the process of my voice maturing.

Some ground rules please... 1.) do it daily 2.) do it cheerfully 3). don't judge it 4.) let it be

And it you break into tune with #4 it's welcome.

That's a good place to pause. Yes.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Touching Down

I  must have landed on the moon.  Touching down on an endless alien landscape. Me, creative types who don't do tech. My better half is the family tech. He can zip through windows, download and  upload in a blink of an eye. His skills are fluid cartwheels compared to my awkward forward rolls. But, here I am.
Nonetheless. On the moon.

Still breathing. The air way out here is even. Supportive I hear too. It seems like a good place to take a leap and plant a flag.

Here's mine. Day 100 counting down to a completed book. 1:23 am.  I've been working in a cave for nearly the past 2 years. It's actually a closet. No windows and a door. When a friend first suggested it to me I balked at the idea of writing in a closet.  I fought it for at least a year. Then, with sobering humility I realized that there was no other place for me to write in our home where I could close a door to one world and open a door in another one. No windows affords means no distractions.  My daily work involves finding the balance of home, family, volunteering, and my own needs. In my cave I have found a veritable nourishing womb. But, at some point it's time to be born. So here I am born, on the moon.
A place where so many other astronauts have left footprints.
It's a strange environment to me, but I think I like it.